Although we have encountered many difficulties during these crucial times, HIT has remained true to our beliefs that high-quality products are always recognized by the customer; that we have a responsibility to develop advanced technology; and that we must be faithful to our customers.
We believe our growth and prosperity are derived from the constant support and keen attention of our business associates. We extend our sincerest appreciation to those contributors who have given HIT their warmest advice and encouragement.
From this moment, HIT strives to find new, valuable ways to contribute to our long-lasting goals of enhancing R&D inside and maximizing the customer's satisfaction outside, to better cope with the fast-moving market trends of the semiconductor industry
Our leadership position in the high technology market demands that our capabilities be constantly reviewed and refined. To ensure this, HIT places high value on developing long term relationships with our current and future customers.
Once again, we extend our greatest appreciation. Please do not hesitate to give us your comments.
Very truly yours K . W . KIM