1993. Estalished Han Yang Trading Co.Ltd.
Obtained the Certificate of A-Class Trade Agent from Association of
Foreign Trading Agent of Korea.
Obtained the Certificate of A-Class Trade Business from International Association.
Developed CVD System and RF Glow Dischahrge Technology.
Produced vacuum components for semiconductor industry, and provided hook-up service.
1994. Developed Titanium Nitride Coating System and Three Gun Sputtering System.
Ion Gun Deposition System, Plasma Arc Welding System.
1996. Annual service contract with Samsung, Ki-Heung Plant for Vacuum line Hook-up to date.
1997. Undertaken Dae Chang Hi-Tech Co.Ltd.
1998. Moved Head Office and Expanded facilities.(Si-Hwa Industrial Complex 672)
Completed Expanded Work of Clean Room.
Delveloped Hot DI System and Gas Monitoring System.
1999. Award New Technology Certificate of Approval by Government for Simul-taneous Measuring
Technology of Thickness and Composition using Plasma.
2000. Merged into High Intergrated Technology, Inc. Moved Head Office and Expanded facilities (Youngin-Si)
2001. Certified with ISO9001 Standard.