We have dedicated ourselves to semiconductor industry in response to growth of home market and a development of equipment manufacturing technology in Korea since we established in 1993.
In addition, we have introduced a state of art components related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment from overseas leading maunfacturer, and localized those components in our own technology.
Now, we organized ourselves into 3 business line called Equipment sales division. Vacuum component division, and others.
We are manufacturing a wafer cleaning equipments for semiconductor device so that we can meet customer requirement and also exporting those equipments to oversea market including sub-tools such as parts stocker, foot pad, trolley.
Especially, we import various items for Korean market to reduce the manufacturing cost and create a benefit of both customer and HIT.
See the components section for your better understanding.
As you may know, we have already localized HOT DI Water heater for Korean market by using our experience to devise experimental protocols to meet your needs quickly.
We fulfill plumbing service and produce vacuum components specified by customer for semiconductor fabrication plant called line hook-up and customized fabrication.
And also our R&D has engaged in vacuum technology in relation to vacuum components business, which developed direct analysis technology and method for solid samples using high frequency glow discharge, and then, obtain a patent for its equipment from KCIE, 1998 .
Finally, we took out "Excellent Korean Technology certificate(KT Mark) from Ministry of science and technology, 1999.
We also have gas detector system provided by Riken Keiki, Japan and install those gas detector system and monitoring system to protect peoples from unpredictable leakage of specialty gas using in semiconductor fabrication plant. We are always managing the specialist for handling in those systems for customer's requirement and safety.
For more business activities, we modify the existing wafer cleanling equipment and development of its technology for the ultimate customer's satisfaction.
Functional health food (Omega-3) have been producing in this Division by new technology of ourselves from marine fresh oil (anchovy oil, tuna oil). Especially, our deodoring skill is able to make high quality produts, which have no fishy smell