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R&D Research Achievements

Research Achievements

Major Research works
RF deposition system - KCIE,1993
High Resolution optical signal analysis system control & spectrum analysis - KCIE, 1995
Development of slurry supporting equipment - Korea technology finance Co., 1998
Study on analysis of conductive and nonconductive materials with RF gas-jet boosted glow discharge emission spectrometer - KCIE, 1998
Development of RF sputtering optical analysis system using high resolution multi-channel optic technology - KCIE, 1999
Development of high sensitive photo-plasma spectrometry for real-time multi-elemental metal analysis, SMBA, 2001
Development of in-situ movable trace element analysis equipment of water with united remote monitoring technology, KCIE, 2001
Development of Atomic Emission Optional analysis equipment for Component analysis in Biological Samples, SMBA, 2004
Development of semiconductor process gas analyzer - HIT, 2005
Development of semiconductor process gas analysis and process monitoring device by inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy - HIT, 2006
Development of monitoring device for optimization of semiconductor process chamber condition using self-plasma
- Small and Medium Business Administration, 2007
Development of Process equipment For Solar Cell – HIT 2009
Development of Mass production CSD system For Solar Cell – HIT 2010
Development of Small & Middle size polishing belt type panel cleaner – HIT 2011
Development of Dry cleaner – HIT 2014
Development of Rework cleaner – HIT 2017
Patents & Certificates
Name of patent (utility model) Patent No. Application No. Registration
Solid samples direct injection apparatus using the RF glow discharge No.10-0154596호 1998
Solid samples direct injection apparatus using a high-frequency
glow discharge and a method
Glow discharge cell of the spectroscopic analysis system
having a cathode ray tube blank
A mass spectrometry system comprising a sample ionization apparatus
using a gas glow discharge
No.10-0437728호 2004
Electrothermal vaporizer No.10-751884호 2007
Sample detection apparatus and the detection method using
the same samples using a plasma
Solvent removal device and method of using same
Plasma deposition method and apparatus therefor
Plasma devices
Miniaturized sample detection apparatus using a plasma
10-2006-0115052 2007
Plasma devices Patent Registration No.10-0824361호 2008
Small Display cleaning equipment 10-2010-0107692 2009
A conveying system for horizontally conveying a flat object and
How to use inline dipping
10-2010-0076417 2010
Thin film cleaning equipment No.10-1310091호 2013
Panel cleaning equipment (Steam Pre-Heating System) No.10-1614423호 2016
Cover glass cleaning equipment 10-2016-110791 2016