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COMPANY Business


Equipment business department manufactures and sales wafer cleaning facilities for producing semiconductor chips and subsidiary equipment such as tube cleaner, parts cleaner or bake oven. We also produce, sell, and even export to 8th generation Display cleaning or LED lift off equipments which are fit with customer's requirements.

Trading business department consists Riken keiki’s total supply system including gas detector, after installed customer service(CS) team is operated at all times to reply customer’s requests. We handle with KELK’s (Komatsu) Chemical Circulator and CS Heater and localized HOT DI Water Heater to respond quickly to Korean semiconductor industry. Also, we merchandise and back up manufacturing equipment Toyoko’s leak sensor as Korean authorized dealer.

Our vacuum division implements a system to manufacture and supply semiconductor vacuum lines Hook-up and vacuum parts
according to the specifications of our customers, enabling line Hook-Up and Custication-Up in name and in reality.

Our laboratory has obtained the KT mark for the Science and Technology Promotion Association by recognizing the patent
on the "direct solid-state analyzing technology using high-frequency glow discharge"
and "direct analysis of solid sample using RF glow discharge",
we selected as a venture company by the Small and Medium Business Administration.