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Title 25th anniversary of founding
Date 2018-08-20 14:21:19 Hit 3703

25th anniversary of founding


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Technology willingness to pursue the best technology,
 Welfare willingness to pursue society of sharing


Dear HIT family members!
 Today is a very happy and meaningful day to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of HIT Corporation. HIT has suffered many hurdles including the failure of new business during the last 25 years, but I would like to express my sincere thanks to the HIT family, customers and shareholders for their valuable experience in trial and error and for their valuable lessons.
 As a result of challenging challenges, we have come to this day. Now is the time to stand in a position to stand alone, without any hesitation, through the difficult front winds as standing at the forefront of a successful company. However, in order to achieve our dream of a first-rate company in a rapidly changing business environment, we need more will and effort to make a difference completely from the past. Let all our employees demonstrate all their abilities and enthusiasm for the year to come and overcome the crisis and lead our company to the path of success.

Dear HIT family members!
 Looking back at the past history of HIT, we have made remarkable progress in facilities and manpower.
In terms of facility, 25 years ago, on July 13, 1993, HIT went to an apartment factory in Siheung through an officetel in Ansan, Later merging with the company in Yongin City and moving to Yongin, Now HIT came to Pyeongtaek where we work.
In terms of manpower, we started with five employees in '93, and once we reached about 110 people, now we operate as current personnel. It has changed a lot in the meantime, but I want to be on a more advanced scale in the future.

Dear HIT family members!
Based on the strength we have accumulated over the last 25 years, I will tell you a few things we all want to focus on in order to prepare for a new future.

First, let 's increase your skills and discover new growth engines to secure the foundation for future sustainable growth.
I have already talked about it, but now we are in a situation where growth is stagnant in the market we are in, and competition with other companies is accelerating more rapidly. Therefore, we need to continuously expand our sales activities in relatively weak sectors, and we will have to pioneer new product areas. Again, our ideas should be actively reflected to develop new products that meet your needs, and we should not spare any efforts to maximize your sales force.

Second, let's make efforts to improve the quality of products aiming at customer satisfaction.
We have always emphasized the importance of sales whenever there is a meeting. We exclaim that our company is customer-centered, but we still can not deny that our organization and products are centered on our company rather than our customers. So, we will be transforming ourselves into a customer-centric company so that we can enhance customer satisfaction through uprised customer management and marketing management.

Third, let us build an organizational culture of trust and cooperation and strengthen our teamwork.
 Through communication management centered on the field, I will make strategic communication by forming a consensus on the goals of the company among the employees. Based on this mutual trust and cooperation, let's strive to build a solid company that is not affected by any external impact.

 Dear HIT family members!
 Based on our progress and accomplishments over the past 25 years, we pledge to grow, our customers in the coming 50 and 100 years to come to find our own products. To do this, let's create a corporate culture of practicality and practicality based on the field and customer-centeredness.
There is a word of 'wind forest volcano', which is fast as the wind, calm like the forest, fiercely like the fire, strong like the mountain, and moving forward strongly toward the future. Employees, like the "wind forest volcano", should be confident that they are the owner of the company and that they should do it.
 In particular, we would like to congratulate our employees who have been awarded on behalf of other employees today, and if we move forward with the same goals toward the same goal with our employees, the upcoming future will surely be the era of HIT.
 Let's go together with a passion for the glory of the new 50th and 100th anniversary!
Fellow employees! Always be healthy and happy.

Thank you.


 July 1, 2018

 HIT Corporation
Chief executive officer   KIM KYU HWAN