Maximizing customer satisfaction and strengthening internal R & D
We will be a company to pursue.

CEO Message

High Integrated Technology, Inc

We will be a company that thinks about customers first.

Our HIT has spent 26 years trying to make people more important, to seek the best technology,
and to be a company with customers, employees, and shareholders.

Despite all the difficulties, we have never given up on the belief that a good product is recognized,
the obligation to learn advanced technology and loyalty to our customers.
we would like to say thank you for your advice and encouragement from partners,
colleagues to us make it possible. We believe that our growth and development has been possible because of
your interest and support in addition to our efforts.

In the future, HIT will continue to deal with the market conditions
of the semiconductor equipment industry, which is constantly changing and developing.
HIT has set a long-term goal of "a company that researches and develops in profitable company,
and a technology-leading company in research and development company". with value for "the future”.
we will strive to continue its difficult but rewarding path to establish long-term goals,
maximize customer satisfaction, and strengthen R & D internally.

we would like to ask for your support and encouragement so that
we can walk our path with a certain will and a sincere attitude in keeping
with the expectations of our customers and shareholders who are always interested and watching.